Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thoughts on the Wedding Feast of Cana

Imagine the scene… everyone is rocking out to the latest re-mix of The Horah. The bride and groom are getting their groove on in the center of a circle of happy party-goers. Delicious trays of dates, figs and lamb kabobs are everywhere.  Heaps of hummus and olives entice the guests. And then- THE WINE IS GONE!

The hosts of the party would be disgraced. The celebration would end. The wedding would be ruined.

So, being the quintessential Jewish mom, Mary looks at Jesus from across the room and beckons Him with one finger (as only your mom can).  Jesus sees his mother and begrudgingly tells His friends to, “Hold that thought!” and he trudges over to Mary.

“Mom! I was talking to my friends,” He bemoans.
Mary smiles and says, “They have no more wine.”
Jesus looks at her and thinks, “And…” 
Mary does not say anything else.
Then Jesus realizes what she is saying.
Here? Now?  He thinks to Himself.
“But, Mom! No way! That is not my problem! Nuh-uh!  It is not time yet!”
Mary smiles at Jesus. She looks at the servants and tells them, “Do whatever He tells you.”

Jesus could never deny His mom. His love for His mother is so great.  Even though He might not have wanted to perform His first miracle at the wedding-He did. He saw that it was for the good of the bride and groom and it was what His mother wanted.

I have always loved this story.  It is my favorite in the whole Bible. When I was young, I loved it because I thought Jesus was being cool and did not want the party to stop-LOL!

When I became a mom, the significance changed as I felt Jesus’ overwhelming love for Mary through my babies.

And now?  Now I love this this story even more and I reflect on it often. I know with absolute certainty that when we bring our prayers and petitions to Mary, she will bring them to her Son. She will tell Him what we need and if our petitions are for our good, Jesus will not deny His mom’s requests.

If Jesus can turn water into wine, imagine what He can do for us when His mom asks.  

Reflection by: Jackie Halpin Curran

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