Saturday, December 29, 2018

Lost and Found

As I was reading this week’s Gospel it reminded me of an incident that occurred many years ago while at Duxbury beach with my son and niece.  My son was about three years old, and my niece five.  The kids were at the waters edge chasing the waves and having fun.  I was about 3 feet away just watching them.  For what seemed like a moment, my eyes gazed towards the horizon as I watched a beautiful sail boat in the distance.  When I looked back, my son was gone.  I jumped up, and frantically began scanning the water.  I looked up and down the beach, but saw nothing.  My heart was pounding.  Suddenly I heard a voice saying “miss, miss he ran down there” I ran in the direction that she was pointing, and found him.  Whew!  I have never felt such fear. 

How fearful Mary and Joseph must have felt when they realized that Jesus was not with them.  I wondered what went through their minds as they searched through the crowds of people in their caravan, and then on the day’s journey back to Jerusalem, and then another three days before eventually finding Him in the temple.  By the end of that first day, I would have been a basket case, and I’m sure many parents can relate to that.  According to the Gospel reading, they did experience “great anxiety” during their search.  Once they found Jesus, his response to their question “why have you done this to us”, leaves them somewhat confused.  They did not understand what he was saying to them. 

I’ve read this scripture many times, but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that this holy couple, who were handpicked by God, didn’t always understand what the Lord was saying to them.  They too had to live in faith and trust that everything would work out. 

Do you ever question what the Lord is doing in your life?  I know I do.  Sometimes the answers to my questions are crystal clear, and at other times not so much.  Listening to what God is trying to tell us is so important.  I’ve really tried during this past advent season to spend more time listening to God.  It has been a challenge. I must admit I’ve slacked in this area of my prayer life during the past few years.   

God speaks to us in many ways.  Sometimes it’s through Scripture, another person, a thought or an inspiration.  We will never know what he’s trying to say if we don’t stop and listen.  Now that the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is coming to an end, I’m hoping to carve out some time each day to just sit in silent meditation and listen.  I hope you can spend a few quiet minutes each day to find Jesus in the silence of your heart too. 

Reflection by Cheryl Provost

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